“Stessa spiaggia, stesso mare. Think different”. Organizational protocols for the management and use of the beach at the time of the COVID-19

Publication date: 05/05/2020 – E&P Code: repo.epiprev.it/1522
Authors: Lucia Federica Carpagnano1, Matilde Carlucci2Sottomesso alla peer review sulla rivista Epidemiologia&Prevenzione

Abstract: Background. Vitamin D has an undisputed preventive role with regard to COVID-19 and therefore it would be ethically and ethically incorrect for the medical-scientific community not to promote helium-therapy initiatives.
By analyzing scientific studies regarding the use of iodine and its preventive and beneficial effects against viral infections, it is against all medical and scientific rationality to deny the population the opportunity to benefit from the multiple psychic and physiological effects of thalassotherapy.
The study aims to roughly outline operational and organisational indications, in line with recommended prevention standards, to allow safe access to public and private beaches by the entire population, avoiding inequalities in safety, health and economic possibilities.
Materials and Methods. WHO guidelines for tourist accommodations were analysed. These indications are the result of a comparison between the prevention procedures adopted in the hospital and the recommendations published for the tourism sector with the aim of increasing the safety profile of the beaches.
Results. The study defines the following points: How to sign in, Leaving the facility, “User-Post” electronic folder, Setting up the property, Hand Wash Dispensers and Columns, Waste management, Access to Toilets and Showers, Bar Service – Restaurant, Cleaning and sanitation, Register of Actions, Behavioral standards.
We hope that these guidelines can be a valuable aid to make usable all the beaches of our country, public and private.
Global Health is one of the Sustainable development goals of the WHO’s 2030 Agenda and in this we trust.

Cite as: Lucia Federica Carpagnano, Matilde Carlucci (2020). “Stessa spiaggia, stesso mare. Think different”. Organizational protocols for the management and use of the beach at the time of the COVID-19. E&P Repository https://repo.epiprev.it/1522

Topic: COVID-19

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1 Medical Doctor, Resident in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Health Management A.O.U. Policlinico di Bari
2 Medical Doctor, Health Director A.O.U. Policlinico di Bari

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