Vitamina D e COVID-19: una comunicazione lontana dalla realtà

Publication date: 07/04/2023 – E&P Code:
Authors: Alberto Donzelli1, Emilio Maestri2

Abstract: Vitamin D against COVID-19 has theoretical bases. In the 3-year period of the pandemic have been produced hundreds of favorable observational studies, or some small RCTs.
However, RCTs of larger size and quality to date have unfavorable results and do not support its use, either in oral form at various doses, or as injection boluses, in prophylaxis, in treatment, not even in cases of severe or critical COVID-19, or to prevent deaths.
A recent sequential meta-analysis of a few RCTs, presented as “definitive evidence,” has results biased by the weight of the improper inclusion of an observational study.
Interference with correct information, both in the media and in “scientific” communication, risks obscuring in clinical practice the conclusions of the most valid studies available.

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Topic: COVID-19

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1 Fondazione Allineare Sanità e Salute, Milano
2 Azienda USL-IRCCS Reggio Emilia

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